Top 3 Reasons Why a Local Fabricator Should Use a Local Metal Shop

Local fabricators need to rely heavily on their suppliers to ensure that they can produce quality metal projects in a timely, affordable manner. Metal fabrication relies on dependable parts and materials that can stand up to exact project specifications.

Fortunately, working with a local supplier can provide a better experience for all parties involved and can make you feel more comfortable about who you are working with and relying on. Some of the top reasons to work with a local metal shop include:

  1. Lower per-item cost—By lowering any shipping and freight bills associated with delivering the materials to your business, you can save money with every purchase. Your supplier may be able to work out a good deal with you as well, due to the reduced cost and time spent shipping and delivering your items. Any purchase made at your local metal shop will also help keep money in your local economy to better preserve the community.
  2. Community involvement—Working with a metal shop in your own community can build comradery, a better working relationship, and loyalty between the fabricator and metal shop. When projects affect your community, your local suppliers will be more excited to be involved in the project.
    For instance, if a project like custom bike racks or ski and snowboard racks is going to benefit the local community, the employees of the metal shop will also benefit from the community effort. This will provide them with an added incentive to provide you with the best parts and services available.
  3. Convenience—Oftentimes, the shop can provide same-day or rush shipping options for local fabricators. Working with a shop that offers fast turnaround times, for both large and small quantity production runs, will allow you to get the supplies you need—in the type and quantity you need—in no time. You will likely find that their customer service is also much better than what you would find at a large national supplier.

Local suppliers can also better interpret and anticipate their clients’ needs, ensuring they have the right products to meet those needs. Most local businesses also offer a wider range of product options in order to stay competitive and maintain their client base. Over time, they may also be able to provide ideas and help improve product designs as they become more familiar with your needs.

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