Top 3 Reasons a Trucker Needs a Well-Constructed Battery Box

A battery box is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that is a crucial component of any large truck or racecar. It can secure your batteries and provide the following:

  1. Battery protection—A battery box is designed to provide added protection for your battery. It can prevent moisture, dirt, debris, and other harmful elements from affecting your battery, even during the roughest driving conditions. It can also protect the battery from potential damage when the truck is being serviced or repaired. The vent tube can also provide added protection by removing battery gasses from the box.
  2. Easy battery access—You can easily contain the batteries and access them from the side of the truck, or wherever you have chosen to mount the battery box.
  3. Safe battery performance—Losing your battery or battery box can lead to several business days lost, while the vehicle is in for repair. It can put your entire schedule behind and leave you unable to safely operate the truck. Once a sturdy battery box has been securely attached, it can resist impact in the event of an accident and provide improved body structural integrity.

What Is a Well-Constructed Box?

Your local metal fabrication shop can help with a well-constructed battery box. They typically use laser cutting, CNC punching, bending, tig welding, mig welding, riveting, grinding, stamping, and assembling to create a quality battery box.

Along with metal fabrication methods, battery boxes can also be manufactured using injection molding and rotational molding. Sealed battery boxes are typically available in a range of styles and colors, in plastic, aluminum, metal, and stainless steel options.

Part of having a well-constructed battery box includes having sturdy box door latches. It may also include a generic step, strut-grip steps, or laser-pressed grip steps. Some boxes also have special features, such as a lock load holder or lock-out/tag-out features, which prevent battery drain and prevent the truck from accidentally starting during service stops.

Talk to a Local Fabrication Company

A local fabricator can create a box in the right size, with fully welded seams and corners, heavy-duty lid latches, reinforced bottoms, a secure cover, and/or stainless steel battery holder brackets. Your fabricator should also be able to create specific, customized metal products, based on your unique needs and specifications.

The box should be securely mounted to the vehicle, which may require some adjustments, depending on the truck. You can typically find both weld-in and bold-on versions, along with hold-down hardware, to ensure that your battery box (and its cover or door) is securely in place.

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