Top 3 Reasons a Muffler Shop Needs an Inventory of Muffler Shields

In order for a muffler shop to be competitive, it is important to have an inventory of muffler shields at your disposal. Some of the top reasons to have them in your shop include the following:

  1. Prompt repairs—The best way to ensure that you can provide prompt, reliable repairs is to have an inventory of muffler shields and parts that can be used for quick fixes. New muffler shield installations can also be done relatively quickly, and by having the shields readily available in your shop, you can provide faster, more affordable services than the local competition. Along with saving your clients money, your shop will also be able to quickly complete jobs and make more revenue.
  2. Saves money—Oftentimes, a custom repair or part can be more expensive and time-consuming than replacing the muffler shield entirely. Having a large inventory of exhaust shields can ensure that you have what your clients need to safely drive their vehicle again.
  3. Comprehensive inventory—Having a complete inventory of available gaskets, heat shields, mufflers, and pipes can ensure that no repair is beyond your capabilities. This will also allow you to provide a larger selection of options to your clients.

When a heat shield does not fit properly, it won’t be able to provide the performance you need. It can also lead to a loud rattling noise and costly repairs. Rather than attempting to fix it with custom parts and repairs, it can be a better option to find a shield that fits properly from the start and can be affordably installed in no time.

Work with a Local Shop

For large-scale orders, look for a local shop that can provide custom production jobs. They may be able to give you a discount on your bulk order and provide better convenience and customer service than a large national chain would.

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