Top 3 Elements of Quality Semi-Truck Aftermarket Parts

The last thing any driver wants is to be stranded on the road due to vehicle problems. Having quality aftermarket parts installed can help enhance or maintain performance to get the most from a heavy-duty vehicle. In order to get the performance you’d expect from quality semi-truck muffler shields or aftermarket parts, there are certain things to look for, including the following:

Proper Fit

There are a range of options when it comes to aftermarket parts, so a proper fit should always remain the most important priority, regardless of whether you are looking for parts for replacement, collision, appearance, and/or performance.

For instance, if the heat shield doesn’t fit properly, it can become loose, which can result in an annoying rattling sound. Most muffler shields can be quickly and easily attached with stainless steel clips or high temperature tape. If a loose heat shield is not repaired in a timely fashion, it may result in the shield falling off altogether, which can create a dangerous situation for the driver.

Look for a shield that can also help reduce noise from the transmission. Some shields can also reduce vibration to provide a more comfortable ride. A rattling muffler will defeat the purpose of a noise absorbing heat shield, so make sure to ensure a proper fit. Custom metal fabrication can help produce the right aftermarket part fit, shape, length, and thickness.

Reproduction Options

Once you have fully stocked your inventory, it is important that your fabricator can reproduce those parts when you need them, as soon as you need them. Whether it’s a custom job or standard aftermarket part, it should be something that either can be easily reproduced or that your fabricator has faith they can easily manufacture again. When a shop is confident in their reproduction options, they can offer prototypes to ensure that you are completely satisfied and that the design works properly.

Quality Construction

Whether you are interested in having a rare or discontinued part fabricated or simply want to save money on semi-truck parts, your fabricator has a range of services at their discretion – including metal plate shearing, CNC punching, welding, forming, and saw cutting – allowing them to quickly produce a quality part based on your exact specifications. However, not all aftermarket parts are created equal, so it is important to work with a qualified fabricator who can handle the work.

Your local metal shop can also work with quality materials – ranging from sheet metal, stainless steel, and aluminum to piping and tubing – producing a better result than you would typically find with generic OEM parts. Muffler heat shields are typically formed from aluminum and can be mounted on the muffler to absorb or reflect heat from the muffler. Aluminum is commonly used on heat shields because it does not emit much heat and it can reflect thermal radiation well, making it the perfect solution for hot mufflers.

Custom Production Jobs

Some trucks require custom production jobs or special requirements, which your local metal shop can help with. Semi-trucks’ driving performance varies greatly, depending on what parts are installed. Most drivers see big improvements in performance, horsepower, and fuel economy after having custom parts manufactured and installed. Aftermarket parts can also provide a better fit and lower cost, compared to OEM parts.

Large semi-trucks can give off an excessive amount of heat from the internal combustion engine, so a quality, reliable muffler shield can provide a great investment for any semi-truck company or driver. Muffler shields can keep a truck’s interior at a comfortable temperature and may be used to protect the fuel, electrical, suspension, and brake system. It can also protect the floor of the truck from exposure to heat. Many states also require that a heat shield is installed on the exhaust, so it is important to get all that you can out of your investment.

Battery boxes are another aftermarket part that should be included in every semi, ensuring a proper fit for reliable performance on any ride, regardless of the driving conditions. Other parts your metal shop can assist with fabricating include rear deck plates, load lock holders, mud flap brackets, custom racks, and spare tire carriers, to name a few.

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